Dime Disposable Vapes 1g

Are you ready to experience the most potent vaping sensation yet?

Dime Disposable Vapes are crafted with thorough design and attention to detail, leading to a flawless experience.

By offering all natural, cannabis derived terpenes in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, you have access to a diverse selection of flavors and aromas.

Dime Disposable Vape Pens allow for easy use with great efficiency without having to worry about refilling or dealing with confusing buttons.

Get ready to experience the most potent vaping ever, thanks to its 1G of content.

Grab your pack of Dime Disposable Pen today and relish in a brand new level of cannabis satisfaction.

Available Strains

Indica Strains

Bubblegum Kush 

Bubblegum Kush indica strain is cherished for its delectable taste and enduring impact.

It entices the palate with a delightful blend of sweet, sour, and fruity bubblegum notes, complemented by a spicy pine finish.

Its fragrance is a harmonious mix of earthy and sweet spices, accompanied by a fruity bubblegum essence upon breaking the buds.

The high creeps in subtly, inducing a euphoric, unfocused bliss before evolving into a profoundly tranquilizing body experience, ultimately culminating in sedation.

King Louie

King Louis indica strain exudes a refreshing, weighty sweetness, while its flavor harmoniously melds the realms of sweet and sour.

This strain swiftly imparts potent, instant effects, enveloping the body and mind in a profound, euphoric embrace.

Ideally suited for nighttime use, it stands as a formidable remedy for insomnia and a reliable solution for chronic pain relief.

Dime OG 

The Dime OG strain has a flavor profile designed to evoke memories of the classic OG strains, reminiscent of those you could catch a whiff of through a small baggie.

This blend offers a symphony of notes, including diesel, lemon, pine, and sweet undertones, destined to become a beloved favorite.guide

Despite its heavy indica characteristics, the infusion of Jet Fuel provides a soaring quality, elevating users into a dreamy realm where thoughts ascend to higher planes.

Peach Kush (Coming Soon)

Peach OG’s effects begin with a gently uplifting euphoria that fosters a touch of energy, focus, and motivation.

This cerebral high gradually transforms into a soothing, warming body buzz, imparting mild sedation alongside contentment. Its mellow effects cater to users of all levels.

Peach OG is cherished for its enticing peach cobbler aroma and spicy peach flavor that sweetens upon exhalation.

Sativa Strains

Cantaloupe Dream

Cantaloupe Dream is a sativa strain that combines Cantaloupe Haze and Runtz. It has a sweet tropical and citrus taste, providing a enjoyable vaping experience with strong melon sweetness. After using this sativa, you’ll feel energized and euphoric.

Blueberry Lemon Haze 

This exquisite flavor profile combines the best elements of “Super Lemon Haze” and “Blueberry Haze” strains.

With its delightful blend of sweet and sour notes, it delivers a refreshing and invigorating high that evolves into euphoria with each puff.

Imagine the sensation of sipping a tangy, fruity lemonade while enjoying a joint on a tranquil patio as the sun sets. A true masterpiece, it will surely leave you craving more.

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough has gained global recognition for its delightful taste and invigorating sativa high, making it an essential choice for sativa enthusiasts.

It delivers a mouthwatering sweetness reminiscent of fully ripened strawberries, with a subtle touch of spiciness upon exhalation. Its aroma faithfully reflects this pleasure, emanating fresh strawberry notes.

Mango Diesel 

Mango Diesel results from a fusion between “Sour Diesel” and “Mango” strains, delivering a vibrant and energizing experience.

The harmonious blend of sweet mango and tropical notes creates a unique taste sensation.

It not only can soothe nerves but also provide a surge of creative energy, making it an excellent choice for enhancing focus on your projects.

Hybrid Strains

Apple Gelato 

Apple Gelato, a harmonious blend of “Gelato #33” and “Sour Apple” strains, offers an exquisite flavor profile, combining the tartness of sour apple with creamy, citrusy sweetness, creating a mouthwatering experience.

Its aroma is equally delightful, featuring a fresh citrusy overtone complemented by hints of creamy apple pie.

The high from Apple Gelato is profoundly relaxing, soothing both mind and body. It erases negative thoughts, replacing them with unfocused happiness, while a gentle body high eases muscles and joints, often leading to couch-lock.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake boasts an exceptionally sweet and fruity aroma, delivering a delightful blend of cookie sweetness and cherry pie fruitiness in its flavor profile.

While it may induce a sedative effect, it effectively soothes nerves and mitigates anxiety-related symptoms without severely impacting focus or energy levels. Expect typical dry eyes and mouth.

Sour Grape 

Sour Grape, or “Sour Grapes,” is a well-balanced hybrid strain, born from crossing Sour Diesel and Grape Ape.

Its name reflects its delightful sweet and sour grape flavor, accompanied by earthy and spicy notes that balance the sourness.

Sour Grape offers a perfect blend for a leisurely afternoon with friends. It begins with a euphoric lift, leading to a serene and relaxed state, followed by a subtle energizing tingle.

This fosters lively conversations and a broadened perspective.

Pink Lemon Haze 

Crafted through the fusion of “Pink Kush” and “Super Lemon Haze,” this delightful hybrid offers a mouthwatering experience.

Inhale the essence of sweet lemonade while the exhale leaves behind hints of raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla.

This well-balanced strain delivers a burst of energy and heightened focus, elevating your spirits with a potent body-centric embrace. Pink Lemon Haze keeps you both refreshed and relaxed.


How many grams do Dime Disposable Vapes contain?

Dime Disposable Vape Pens are filled with 1G of cannabis derived terpenes.

How to use a Dime Disposable Vape?

Experience the desired effects effortlessly with Dime THC Disposable Vape. Designed for simplicity, there are no complex buttons or refilling challenges to worry about. It’s all ready-to-use.

Are Dime Disposable Vapes good?

Dime Industries Disposable Pens, one of the most popular products, offer a top-quality experience with tasty flavors and a sleek design.

Is Dime a disposable?

Dime offers top-notch disposable vape pens that are filled with cannabis derived terpenes.

What is the best way to store Dime Vape Pen?

We recommend keeping it at room temperature for optimal device storage and avoiding subjecting it to excessive heat, especially temperatures exceeding 95 degrees. Additionally, it’s essential to always store the device in an upright position.

Are Dime Vapes safe?

Every Dime THC Oil Pen is safe as long as you exercise caution with over-usage.

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