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Strictly Medicated disposable vape pens are a type of medical cannabis vaporizer that is designed for the delivery of medicinal cannabis products, such as oils, waxes, and concentrates. These pens are specifically designed for medical use and are intended to provide people with a convenient and discreet way to consume medical cannabis.

They are pre-filled with cannabis oil or concentrate and are disposable after use. They are available in a range of different formulations and strengths, making it easy for people to find the right product for their specific medical needs. The strictly medicated disposable offers an exciting and long-lasting experience to its users.

It is also proven to relieve stress, improve appetite, and treat anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. It can also be taken for recreation purposes. The amazing part of this product is that it comes in 10 different flavors for you to pick from. Although a little pricey, when compared with other disposable vape pens, you are guaranteed that you are getting value for your money.


  • Battery: The battery in the Strictly medicated disposable vape pen has a capacity of 280mAh or higher, and it is not rechargeable.
  • Cartridge: The cartridge in this disposable vape pen contains 0.5ml or 1ml of cannabis oil and features a ceramic heating element that evenly heats the oil and produces vapor.
  • THC content: The THC content of the cannabis oil in this disposable vape pen varies depending on the strain and the specific product, but it typically ranges from 70% to 90%.
  • Flavor options: It comes in a variety of flavors, including fruit, dessert, and classic strains.
  • Size and weight: It is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around and use discreetly.
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Strictly medicated disposables